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Dietitian, Nutrition and Aged Care Consultancy

Nutrition Matters, Nutrition, Dietitian and Aged Care Consultancy

Nutrition does matter!

What we eat can affect our health and how much we enjoy life.

Gaye Philpott is a Registered Dietitian based in Palmerston North with more than 20 years experience.

As a dietitian Gaye has a degree in nutrition and post-graduate training in dietetics. The former ensures she has a good understanding of human nutrition while the latter qualifies her to provide evidence based nutrition therapy for the treatment of specific conditions e.g. diabetes, bowel diseases, etc.

Gaye provides advice and information to those who:

  • have specific health issues (click 'Nutrition for Specific Health Issues' Tab) 
  • wish to eat healthier
  • want to check that their current eating habits are appropriate for helping reduce their risk of the many health conditions which are known to be associated with diet and lifestyle. 

See below for information on appointments


Gaye also provides consulting services to aged care facilities (click 'Aged Care Consultancy'Tab).



  • $115 including GST for 1 hour appointment
  • can be made without a doctors referral
  • early and late appointments available


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